The Psyde Projects

"See to me it's hiphop and to some it's just hip”

The Psyde Projects are Melbourne's chief party rockers! Their music, delivery and onstage chemistry brings a package that rocks the house. Irrespective of taste, crowds jive and bounce to The Psyde Projects flavour!

All three of them beatmakers, The Psyde Projects have an affinity with vinyl and the MPC, and together the three colour their music with different genres and styles off a variety of records.

D'Fro, ILResponce and Mr Moonshine’s music is littered with catchy hook lines and punchy rhymes that send dance floors stir crazy while the “heads” still get to head bang. Amid all this, global conquest is not far from their thoughts.

Their different backgrounds, skills and passions combined make for dope jams, catchy hook lines and onstage antics. The Psyde Projects is a trio that give a new angle to the term OZ hop!

The Psyde Projects have been honoured to support and play with PUBLIC ENEMY, PETE ROCK, MASEO (De La), THE PHARCYDE, DJ NUMARK, THE HERBALISER, DJ YODA, THE CUBAN BROTHERS, HOUSE SHOES, THE BAMBOOS, The Melodics, Diafrix, Illy, Polo Club, Mantra, NFA, Lotek, Joelistics, The Putbacks, Seth Sentry, MPhazes, Low Budget, The Levitators, and a host of other cool cats!