Past labels:

BBE, Sonar Kollektiv, Oye Records, Rush Hour, Wolf Music, Superior Elevation, Wax

Museum Records, Boogie Bash, Omega Supreme, Burek, Dopeness Galore, Faces &

MCDE, Lumberjacks in Hell, People Must Jam, This Thing, City Fly, Bastard Jazz.



And the beat don't stop…. Former b-boy and ‘drum machine obsessive’ Inkswel has laid

the foundation for something refreshing, heavily rooted in his hip hop upbringing, it was the

dance itself that inspired him and led him into different territories and vibrations- eventually

being inspired by all types of soulful music. Inkswel first popped his locks downunder in

Australia, where he began life as one Jules Habib, but his cosmopolitan outlook on music

and life has taken him places, of late: he’s now as at home in Berlin and Amsterdam as in

Melbourne and Adelaide, all cities where he has put in studio time.

Having collaborated with Tableek, Reggie B, John Robinson, Steve Spacek, Mark De Clive

Lowe, Dave Aju, Chico Mann, Gary Davis, Andras Fox, Merwyn Sanders, Paul Randolph

of Jazzanova, Eagle Nebula and countless others. Inkswel is hip hop in his foundation, but

genre-less in his outlook and approach, embracing the soulful side of deep disco, 80s

funk, chicago house and uk broken beat into a colourful melting pot. He looks to timeless

visionaries such as DJ Spinna, Kenny Dope and Rich Medina as the inspiration for his



2016 marked the release of his debut album on the ‘beat generation’ famed label BBE

Records. After already being asked to do a retrospective re release of his past works for

BBE in 2015, they then pushed Inkswel to do an original debut album, in the form of

UNITY 4 UTOPIA, a collaborative visionary concept record featuring guest vocalists such

as Steve Spacek, Tableek of Maspyke, Crazy P, Misumami, Dave Aju and producers and

musicians from his musical network such as Mark DE Clive Lowe, Lay-Far and Recloose.

The album traverses the gaps of all beat based music, touching on Hip Hop (his first love),

Disco, Funk, Soul, House and Jazz. The vinyl version of the album was co released by

Berlin’s famous OYE RECORDS store and quickly sold out after its release in January,

even being featured on VINYL FACTORY’S releases of the month.


The last few years have seen him touring Japan, playing in Sendai, Marioka, Akita, and

Tokyo, and returning to tour Europe for the third time, playing vinyl-only sets at Alexander

Nut of Eglo Records Quarters Night in Hackney, Mutant Disco in Estonia, Patchwork in

Switzerland with Sassy J, Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section party and Lowkey in London,

Wild Renate in Berlin, Horse Meat Disco, the Denis Simachev bar in Moscow, and at Rush

Hour's in-store party as part of the Amsterdam Dance Event alongside Hunee and Kid

Sublime. He headlined the LACO Festival in 2015 in Sao Paolo Brazil and then played

alongside disco luminaries SOUL CLAP & TOM NOBLE at their OUTPUT residency in

New York. Known for his genre bending sets, with a no holds bar policy- incorporating all

genres in a hip hop pastiche style to make people dance and experience new sounds and



2013 saw the launch of his own label Hot Shot Sounds (distributed by DC boogie label

PPU), the initial release featuring a new track with Reggie B, and a b-side jam from his

partner-in-crime Freekwency. The label then followed up with the much-acclaimed Cloud-

Eaters EP, a collaboration with Merwyn Sanders of house legends Virgo Four, and backed

by remixes from contemporaries Linkwood and GB. That one topped both the Juno and

Rush Hour charts and featured as vinyl release of the week in Fact Magazine. HOT SHOT

sounds has since gone on to release underground high quality releases from Paradise

Box, Quaid, First Touch, Kid Sublime, Sugarz, APSD and countless others- with a heavy

release schedule planned for the future. The latest release by newcomers APSD from

melbourne features collaborations with Fat Freddys Drop and Miles Bonny.


The future is bright for Inkswel, with 6 new releases already scheduled for 2016, including

concept projects, singles and even disco edits for labels such as Soul Clap and KAT. An

upcoming remix project of italian based group THE MIXTAPERS on Sonar Kollektiv

(Jazzanova label) featuring Illa J and Frank N Dank, sees him remixing the entire EP from

start to finish and enlisting new collaborators such a mc’s LMNO and Blurum13 and the

famous flutist Han Litz from Amsterdam to re create the EP with the distinct ‘Inkswel'

sound. Inkswel is also in the studio full time this year, planning to release his 2nd album

before the year ends under the alias Super People.


Gig History:

Tokyo, Marioka, Sendai, New York, Amsterdam, London, Manchester, Bristol, Rotterdam,

Strasbourg, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Moscow, St Petersburg, Sochi, Sao Paolo, Sydney,

Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Christchurch, Bratislava, Estonia, Bucharest.



Upcoming gigs:

April 29- BBE party with DJ SPINNA- Prince Charles, Berlin

April 30- BBE party with DJ SPINNA- Paradiso, Amsterdam


June 2- Black Flamingo, New York with Soul Clap

June 3- Eighteenth Street Lounge, DC

June 4- Motor City Wine, Detroit

June 11- The Lift, Los Angeles with Jeremy Sole



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