Michael Williams (The Groove Merchant)

The Groove Merchant repertoire and knowledge of music is both long and intimate. A vast collection of sounds and genres reside in his soul and mind. His unique prowess and proficiency lies in knowing how to combine music and sounds from a span most will not ever experience first hand, to graciously share it, and blend it with the current popular sounds. Being a DJ, you need to know how to create a flow, that takes the listener into a journey time after time, problems and rules are left behind, a place where you can relax your mind. He can feel the common thread, that is the backbone of his unique and customised flow, he dares to go, where many simply can not.

From his beginnings, he never lost sight of his true calling and mission, which is to tell a story, the story of the great celebration of the soul which is told through music. A medium which has no borders, no boundaries, but an infectious rhythm and groove, that when skilfully employed, ignites the listener’s body and soul. A rare and intuitive talent to know what the listener needs…

Started his profession djing at age 15, soon became well known in the neighbourhood in London. A few years after, late 60’s his first brake came among famous London night clubs such as Flamingo club, Wardour St, West and many more. 

In 70’s he was based in London and spent time in other countries, distributing music ; Spain (Ibiza), Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Malta, Germany, Japan & USA. Late 70’s he held guest radio shows at London Jazz FM and played regularly at the famous Jazz club ‘Ronny Scott”.

He moved to Sydney Australia in 1983 and brought sensation to Australia club scene. 1996 Bondi fm started and he was one co founding members, music management and DJ aka Jazz Messenger. At that time he was rated International Top 10 Jazz DJ. He still involved in local music and the entertainment industry. 

He is the genuine gateway for the sounds that would have otherwise gone undiscovered, and in the process he didn’t sell out his style or values to the culture vultures. He stayed true to the music, the people, the Artists, and the Message.