Dig it baby!!

This suave little chap is an avid collector of the deepest and most rare vinyl to be found and, for the last ten years, has been laying down the underground sound, pound by pound, all over town !!!!

Soul, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Reggae, Samba, Disco, Afro beat , Hip Hop who knows what track he will play next …….. rest assured ….. it will be well tight, outta-sight and a DY-NA-MITE !!!!

For over a decade he has held ‘too many’ residencies, most notably at the now legendary “Get Down” sessions at club 77 from the late 90s.

He has been the man,behind the man,behind the bar…..behind the turntables…… providing a soundtrack, that can only to be described as the NOW sound of then !!!

Coming with a record collection that strikes a mix of both fear and loathing in local and international colleagues alike …. this man has the right stuff…… Sho’ nuff !!!