The Gloom

The Gloom is a DJ and producer of hip-hop beats and stuff, from Sydney, Australia. 

Due to a massive vinyl collection (records, not gimp suits & shit), The Gloom can play pretty can play pretty much any musical genre you can think of, though he prefers throwing down hip-hop, beats, breaks, funk, soul, disco, edits, dub and the like.

The Gloom got his first DJ slot in the early 90s, playing under his real name Damian Ryan. “At the time”, The Gloom explains, “my mate and I were hanging out with these five really hot women. We had been out with them loads of times, and tried to hit on them just as many times, and failed miserably. So much so, that we dubbed ourselves ‘The Strike Out Brothers’. Sweaty-palmed, I played my first gig - a completely rehearsed set, unlike these days when I use more of a freeform aesthetic (fancy way of saying, ‘chuck records in bag before gig and wing it’). Nonetheless, the set went off like a frog in a sock. Later, as I leaned back on the bar with a well-earned drink (as was a custom of the time), the aforementioned five women formed a row in front of me, and each one of them got onto me, one after the other. I knew this DJing thing was the sure shot". According to The Gloom, this situation never occurred again, but he is still DJing nonetheless...

Over the years, The Gloom has played in almost every pub and club around Sydney; Melbourne too many times to count; overseas; and obscure places like Albury, where The Gloom was edu-mo-cated. The Gloom’s favourite gig was Playground Weekender 2011, where he was booked for one DJ set, but played a total of five (due to artist delays and no shows). After this, and the passing of the late, great James Brown, The Gloom proclaimed HIMSELF 'The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz' (the exception being JC who is admittedly harder working, but not as good looking).

The Gloom now spends most of his spare time producing hip-hop beats, scratching, sampling, remixing, and mashing up tracks.