Funkdafied Jazz & Blues Revue, Eliza’s Juke Joint, 28 September 2013

Funkdafied and the Sydney Fringe Festival brought a very special night of quality Blues & Jazz to Eliza’s Juke Joint!


Eliza’s Juke Joint was transformed into a Blues themed venue for the duration of the Festival and we had a very special line up for Jazz & Blues Revue on 28th September. It all kicked off from 7pm and we had DJs The Groove Merchant and JC, (Funkdafied) as well as a very special live performance by Blues/Roots singer Krista Pav.

Wild flower Krista Pav makes a lasting impression. The unmistakable voice of Krista Pav is as distinct as her name. And once you’ve heard her you’re likely not to forget the raw power and talent of this solid Blues / Roots Artist.

Krista Pav is a unique package. She has a raw, captivating, blues and soul voice, often compared to the likes of Janis Joplin. She is one of Australia’s most refreshing and important contemporary Indigenous songwriters, exploring her cultural roots through the reclamation of her Indigenous language, Wangaaypuwan, which is a dialect of Ngiyampaa. She is a powerful musical cocktail, which grabs the attention of listeners, offering a laid back and effortless stage presence, drawing audiences into a refreshing and personal journey through her infections music, catapulting them onto the journey of self-discovery and reclamation with her.

Krista Pav has won several awards and has peformed alongside Jessica Mauboy and Troy Cassar-Daley. Here are some links to get more information on Krista Pav from Triple J Unearthedand Krista Pav on Facebook

  • Date:  Saturday, 28 September 2013